Eqi-2.0 Strengths And Weaknesses

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At first glance, the results of my EQ-i 2.0 test are not astounding. Most of my scores fall in the mid range, with only a few breaking into the high. Overall, though, I have mid-to-high emotional intelligence, resulting in a reasonable well-being. As I dig deeper into the descriptions and suggestions, though, I recognize numerous accuracies in the analysis. Granted, most of the example situations used are amiss when compared directly to my life, but after contemplating them, I am able to find various correlations with my experiences. According to my EQi-2.0, my three greatest strengths are self-actualization, emotional expression, and assertiveness, and my three skills in need of the most development are reality testing, impulse control, and emotional self-awareness. After reading about each skill, I would agree with these results. Undeniably, I always have a sense of purpose behind my actions (self-actualization), and I am usually comfortable revealing my emotions (emotional expression) and expressing my opinions (assertiveness). On the other hand, impulse control, reality testing, and emotional self-awareness are definitely areas in which I can improve. For instance, in heated discussions or awkward romantic encounters, especially those via texting, I have to fight the urge to respond automatically. Obviously, the rational thing to do is to…show more content…
Strong emotions are no stranger to me, yet I do not always know why I feel the way I do. One such occasion was the day I received my scores from the third ACT test I took. Although I still received an impressive score, it was one point lower than my previous test, but I decided not to stew about that fact. However, I noticed in the afternoon that my mood had significantly changed and I had become rather quiet. Not until late that evening did I realize the reason for my gloominess was my disappointing ACT score – apparently it bothered
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