Equal Education for Special Needs Children

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All students deserve to receive the proper help to get the education they desire. There shouldn’t be any separation between some students that have physical, mental, emotional, or no problem at all. There are children with variations of disabilities. The children with severe disabilities may not be able to get the equal education because it takes more effort than the ones with low levels of disability. As for the low-mild disabled children, they could be included in the classrooms with children that do not have a disability. Mainstreaming some special needs children will expand their intellect and possibilities of growth. Although some are smarter than an average child, including them with non-disabled students will also give them a wide social connection. For the past few years, there has been research going on to find a solution for children with disabilities to be apart of a class along with non-disabled or other disabled children. There have been laws passed for disabled children requiring them to have an education like the non-disabled. Kathy Koch states, “In 1975, The Education for All Handicapped Children Act was passed” (905) and Margaret McLaughlin states, “The education of students with disabilities in todays schools is being shaped by 2 very powerful laws: the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004) and the 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Title I, No Child Left Behind Act)” (265).
Before there was an Act put into
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