Equal Employment Opportunity And Employee Rights

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Many laws have been put into place to protect employees and employers. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 (EEOA) are two such acts. These laws protect workers from termination for causes outlined in the acts. Drug testing has become popular for many businesses in today’s society. It upsets many employees because they think that what they do in their own time does not affect what they do at work. Summary ADA prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). Part of their definition of someone with a disability is one who has a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activity (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). To be protected a person with a disability must be capable of performing the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). The qualified person must meet the necessary requirements for the position (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). For example, an employee for Pizza Hut must have a food handler 's card. Essential job functions need to be specific in the job descriptions (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). Reasonable accommodations include activities or modifications to the work environment that allow the qualified person to perform the work (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). For example, the installation of
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