Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Case Study

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
The equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) demands that each and every person in the US is treated equally for a job opportunity despite their religious affiliation. There are various expectations in employment as far as religion and persons with disability are concerned. The baseline is to make sure that people are not judged by their disability or religion when it comes to employment. The employment guidelines require that someone is judged by their ability to perform a given task. As such, the EEOC provides the guidelines to all employees, and they expect the guidelines to be followed by all employers (, 2015). The paper looks at the Reasonable accommodation expectations concerning …show more content…

The ADA also protects people who suffer from alcoholism since it is regarded as a disability. It is illegal for employers to terminate an employee due to alcoholism. However, employers can fire the employees who fail to perform to the expected standards due to the use of alcohol. There are several things that the EEOC can do to help those discriminated against (, 2015). They commission also assist the small businesses to understand the laws and provide training and resource as well as technical assistance to both the employees and their employers. In so doing, the EEOC falls within its mandate to make sure that there is sanity in the job markets and that everyone is treated …show more content…

Instead, an alternative schedule can be made for them. At some other times, this problem may be fixed through voluntary shift switches between the employees. At some other times, the religious belief can conflict with a religious practice or a religious belief and the safety requirements or the regulations for that matter. Sometimes, there tends to be no accommodation that takes care of such scenarios. In a situation where no compromise addresses the conflict between the religion and the safety requirement, the law regards to such as unreasonable since it causes some hardship for the employee. Many issues and scenarios raise eyebrows about the discrimination against some employees. However, employers should do all they can to ensure that they stick to the EEOC guidelines or risk court cases. The EEOC enforces all the requirements in collaboration with the courts of law which settles any dispute that arises (,

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