Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Paper

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Paper

Klista Odgers


University of Phoenix


October 29, 2012

Dwight Walker


In the face of rising
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S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying states could not be sued under the FMLA (the Huffington post).

Drug Testing

Currently, in the state of Florida the Federal Appeals court is battling arguments of a judge ruling against the idea that the government would violate the rights of the citizen of Tallahassee, by requiring any individual wham applies for public assistance benefits would have to adhere to drug test prior receiving any public assistance.

The district judge thinks that individual whom receive assistance already provide a wide range of information in order to participate in the program, and by asking them to submit to a drug screen in order to receive benefits in an invasion of privacy and violates the constitution’s reasonable search ban.

This case is currently being heard in Atlanta, Georgia, all because of a Navy Veteran, former college student, whom is a single parent applied for benefits back in 2011, meet the requirements of the program but felt it would be an result to be asked to participate in random drug screens in lure of help. The following media publicity of this case has implemented the state if Florida employees to be required to do drug testing.

What are the implications for HR department in managing the employer-employee relationship in the contest of the law or
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