Equal Opportunity At Texas's State Capitol

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Equal Opportunity in Texas On July 1, 2013, Texas Senator Wendy Davis made a speech at Texas’s State Capitol. She had an audience of about 5,000 people, as she spoke about Women’s Rights and Texan power. In “Stand with Texas Women”, Wendy Davis argues that Texas is all about fairness, so women deserve equal opportunity. Specifically, Davis states that Texas has pushed to be fair, but politicians have been selfish in their careers. Her point is that creating equal opportunity for women will help not only Texan families, but Texas as a whole. She also points out that Texas needs politicians who want what is best for the state and the people. Davis uses simple, but passionate language in her speech. She focuses on the pride she has of Texas, which shows the audience her pride in the movement she is trying to make. Her drive to make equal opportunity for women is clear when she shows vulnerability throughout her speech. She gives herself the image of being part of the audience, which really connects her to the audience’s emotions. Overall, Davis’s main purpose is to unite Texan women in order to make equal opportunity to improve Texans’ quality of life. Wendy Davis is 52 years old and she was a member of 10th district of the Texas Senate for six years. Before becoming senator, she was a member of the Fort Worth City Council from the 9th district. She attended Harvard Law School and graduated with a law degree cum laude. Before making her speech at the Texas Capitol, she held…

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