Equal Opportunity At Texas's State Capitol

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Equal Opportunity in Texas On July 1, 2013, Texas Senator Wendy Davis made a speech at Texas’s State Capitol. She had an audience of about 5,000 people, as she spoke about Women’s Rights and Texan power. In “Stand with Texas Women”, Wendy Davis argues that Texas is all about fairness, so women deserve equal opportunity. Specifically, Davis states that Texas has pushed to be fair, but politicians have been selfish in their careers. Her point is that creating equal opportunity for women will help not only Texan families, but Texas as a whole. She also points out that Texas needs politicians who want what is best for the state and the people. Davis uses simple, but passionate language in her speech. She focuses on the pride she has of Texas,…show more content…
During the filibuster, she wanted to block Senate Bill five which included that Texas would have more restrictive abortion regulations. She argued for certain regulations, such as fighting for abortion to be banned after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, she failed to prove her point to the senate. In her speech at the rally on July 1, 2013, she talks about the previous filibuster and she called it “the crux of a turning point in Texas History”. The importance of the date of the “Stand with Texas Women” speech is that it was only a few days after her filibuster at the senate. She was trying to reach out to the women who felt regretful about their abortions. She was trying to further her points from the filibuster, by talking directly to the Texas women who attended the rally. As she stood in front of 5,000 men and women at the Texas Capitol, she stood in front of a much larger audience than expected. Her speech targeted women and men wanting a better life for them and their families. During the weekend before she spoke Rick Perry, knowing she is a single mother accused her of “not learning her lesson” (Koh, Luthra). He was pushing her to a limit that she did not appreciate. She attacked him in her speech by stating “I was lucky enough to be able to make the choices in my life that I knew would work for me. And I don’t regret for one minute my decisions about my daughters, my education or my direction in life.”
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