Equal Pay Between Men And Women

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Jazmin Miller
English 10 Honors
4 November 2016
Equal Pay Over the past 50 years, equal pay between men and women has been a huge issue worldwide. If they have the same skills and education, women should get paid the same amount as men, regardless of their gender. Although the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was introduced to the United States of America, it still doesn’t necessarily mean that corporations have to enforce the act. However, if the act ever gets forced into place it could promote economic growth as a whole, lower poverty rates, improve middle class families, and help married- working full time men work less hours than they originally work to make up the gap in their wife 's salary. When women take home smaller paychecks, it decreases their spending dimensions (Parramore 4). Since “a whopping 85 percent of purchasing decisions are made by women,” the more a woman makes is the more she spends on purchasing items as a consumer of the household (4). With that in mind, when a woman purchases more items, it increases economic growth as a whole which is the increase of goods in a population. It is a fact that mostly women go out and spend the household’s money on products like groceries, clothing for themselves or their kids, half on an automobile 's car note, home improvement items, and electronics. If this spending power is taken away from women, companies that rely on their shoppers (mostly women) won’t get benefited in any way financially,…
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