Equal Pay For Whites And Blacks Essay

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Many of these Americans have a set idea and mentality that blacks deserve less. As Borbely explained I would have to agree with him. I believe that in order for equal pay for both whites and blacks who have all worked the same should be treated equally. I have a good feeling that whites want to remain on top only so that they can have the power and self satisfying feel. That way they know that things go their way or no way at all. I want to believe that one day everyone will come to the realization that we are all the same and that it is just the shade of my skin that separates us. However, in reality whites will always feel that they have the upper hand for they are treated better and they are allowed to also get away with much more. From what I’ve seen in my experiences, whites are set up in life to succeed no matter what they do. If they fail, they will be seen as someone who’s tried hard but just needs a push. If they make a mistake then it’s okay because everyone makes mistakes. If they commit a crime, most times due to the corrupted system they are either let go or punished easily. As if it was to be a black person, then they will be treated harsher for they should know better; and are not allowed to make mistakes. It’s not okay for them to need assistance. Overall, society placed levels of tolerance and levels of expectations for everyone and for blacks it 's been set at an all time low preventing them from at times attempting to prove otherwise. Although, Borbely,
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