Equal Pay in the United States

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Rick McKee uses he editorial cartoon, “Equal Pay,” to indirectly characterize our current president, and create some irony around the whole topic of inequality in paychecks. McKee intends to reach all possible viewers/voters to make the president appear to have some hypocrisy to create some irony surrounding the president and his people-pleasing executive orders. The moral points in this piece of artwork are: if someone wants others to change they should change first, one cannot blame their mistakes on someone else, and be humble. The main purposes of this satirical cartoon is to criticize the current president’s lack of knowledge of the issue of unequal pay going on even with those that work for him, and his attitude of a hypocrite to blame what he is in charge of on other people. There are various aspects of the cartoon that contribute to the main focus of the cartoon to the president. The three women come in holding a sign saying “We demand equal pay” because they feel like they are not being treated the same as the men who are doing the exact same work. In response, President Obama is holding up an executive order and says, “No need to worry ladies! This executive order will make those evil Republicans pay you the same as men.” As Obama is saying this one of his advisors is trying to tell him that the ladies work for him and holding the paper with the headline…
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