Equal Responsibility in parenting

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Andrew Nguyen Professor Marilyn Brock English 102 7 October, 2013 Equal Responsibility In raising a child, both parents should share equal responsibility. From the start of humanity, it has always been thought that women should take care of the children while the men were the breadwinners. However, things have changed now and both parents have began to take equal responsibilities of their children. Parenting is a two person concept and does not mean one parent can take on more of the responsibility of a child’s development. The roles of the mother and the father play a different part in parenting. Daughters look up to their father as an ideal husband and sons look up to their father as a role model. Both daughters and sons look up…show more content…
When one parent is out of the picture, the single parent must take the role as both mother and father. In the present, the divorce rate is very high causing many children to not have both parents be able to raise them. Raising a child on your own is not as efficient as a stable, two-parent home. A father cannot have the same influences as a mother can to her child, vice versa. When one parent is left with all the responsibility, there is no support or anyone to back up that parent if anything goes wrong. A child always needs a role model to look up to in the family. Children tend to want to be just like the same sex parent (Campbell). For example, a son might need his father as a older male to look up to and same goes with a daughter and a mother. When a daughter is being raised by the father whether because of a divorce or the mother isn’t taking equal responsibility, the daughter has no older female to look up to. The struggles male and female go through in their lives are not quite the same; therefore a father cannot fully raise a daughter on his own. The father does not know what it is like to be a female and cannot help as much as a mother could be able to. Equal responsibility in this case would allow the child to get all the support he or she needs. A child needs a father and a mother, not one or the other. My friend, Jeffrey Le, has only a father to take care and raise him because his mother passed away when Jeffrey was at a very young
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