Equal Rights

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Throughout history women have fought to have the same rights and privileges as men. To this day women do not seem to be treated the same as men in the workforce. It appears that women have given up the fight for equal rights. Although women have stood up for what they believe in, there are still many aspects of the workplace that are not as equal as the opportunities that men are given. For hundreds of years women have fought to have equal rights in the workplace. First, it was not uncommon for a woman to be a prisoner in her own home. The man of the house was the one who brought all the income home and the woman took care of the all the cooking, cleaning, and tending to the children. This was the tradition of American women; it was the…show more content…
I wanted to know why there were no set regulations for both men and women in the office or why men were not questioned when they had personal business outside of the office. I was told that I was too pushy and overbearing. The way things were set was fine with management and they did not understand why I wanted things to change. I left that office shortly after that but have found that this is the normal operations in most workplaces. I do not agree with it but I have learned how to approach management more kindly with issues and not to point the finger at any one person. I have learned how to stand up for what I believe is right and fair in the workplace, without causing conflict or tension. I believe that with a little embrace anyone could be a rights activist in the workplace. All employers should empower their employees to voice their concerns without being chastised for doing so. This will make working conditions for every employer and employee healthier and easier to work with. There are numerous laws in place to protect women in the workplace. There have been strong willed women in the past that have stood up and spoke out to the government to bring forth the issues and conditions that women face in the workplace. Even though many women in the past have spoken out about what really goes on in the workplace, there are still many other issues that have yet to be addressed. There
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