Equality Act 2010 And Data Protection Act 1998

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My chosen pieces of legislation: Equality act 2010 and Data Protection Act 1998
Legislation is put in place to ensure the convention happens. Legislation is a set of laws passed by parliament. If these laws are broken, the individual that has done so may be charged with the crime.
The Equality act 2010 was put into place to prevent discrimination taking place towards employees because of any factors that may be present such as their race, gender, sexuality, disability or any other factors. This could be in employment and access to services within the hospital. This law applies to any public service
Treating people equally means treating every individual no lower or higher than another individual. The equality act is there to support all individuals, but many may not be aware that this piece of legislation has played an active role in their everyday lives. It requires equal treatment in access to jobs ensuring equality amongst all regardless of any factors that may be present such as skin colour, allowing a multicultural place of work, helping to provide service users with a well-rounded team who can educate one another on different cultures through personal experiences and contribute advice on the preferences of service users. This Act protects all of the following characteristics; this law protect, gender reassignment, age, disability, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.
October 2010 Equality Act…
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