Equality Among People Still has a Long Way to Go in Society

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“We are all equal.” A simple and consistent phrase that reverberates throughout school systems and life alike. And while many people stand by it, can one really say the way society exists accurately portrays this concept? Hate crimes run rampant, minorities continue to be marginalized, the wage gap, despite common belief, marches on even today, and in history classes across the nation, the struggles of people of color are reduced and minimized to make way for white heroes. If one believes this is a world of equality, its true definition must have been viciously warped. While times have improved for women, queers, and people of color, one cannot exactly say it is an ideal culture yet. This is where feminism comes into play, but…show more content…
She was arguing with a friend of hers when he looked at her and said, “You’re a feminist.” Adachi could tell immediately that this was not a compliment. (Adachi) While feminism has changed immensely throughout its time, many sentiments towards it have not. Women who identify as feminist are seen as angry, man-hating, and destined to be a spinster. Anger is especially legitimate as they are rejected rights and treated as second-class citizens in some situations. These over generalizations that reduce women, who stand up for their rights, as hysterical and angry because they cannot get a man, is simply unacceptable and a very narrow view of what feminism is. When Grimes, a contemporary pop artist, made a statement that she was indeed feminist, she received massive backlash. Misogynistic sentiment, slurs, and death threats berated the comment section of the article of the young pop star's coming forward of her weariness of sexist views within her industry. Grimes was reported saying, "I don't want to be molested at shows or on the street by people who previews me as an object that exists for their personal satisfaction." (Cubarrubia) What all these sentiments reveal truly is how deeply rooted sexism is in our society. Street harassment has become a near normalized thing. Nearly 90% of women report being harassed in public, a truly fearful

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