Equality And Equity Between Genders, Males, And Females Essay

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It is evident that equality and equity between genders, males and females, has had its struggles. This struggle to promote fairness has been expressed through various mouvements such as from the suffragettes emerging in the late 20th and early 21st century and the recent He for She movement to bring both genders to work together as one. Despite these efforts, in the hockey world, male domination reaches a high while the female athlete success as not reached such level. This is displayed through history, funds and media.
Earlier times imposed that women do less athletic performance. Moreover, women were restricted to limited choices of sports, and were offered to activities that were seen as more ‘graceful’. Inevitably, questioning if women can be “aggressive… and still be considered feminine”(Messner 203) was raised and acts as the base for not allowing women to participate in such competitive sport: hockey.
During the Colonial Period, discrimination in sport was evident between male and female ,as women were suggested to participate in horseback riding and dancing to the dance that was popular of that time. Plainly, these sports offer very little exercise or excitement, and it can be categorized as more of a ‘pass time’ (Marshall 2015). Moving forward to the Victorian era, sporting clubs were emerging, but restricted to women. Sadly, women were given the excuse that their voluminous skirts and ‘fragile’ mentality would not withstand to sports (Marshall 2015). The gender
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