Equality And Justice : The Definition Of Justice And Equality

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Justice and equality are both two very abstract concepts with numerous controversial definitions that are never agreed upon. Depending on the situations, justice can be the same as equality, or not. In the modern world, justice is often used as a political slogan, rather than a meaningful pursuit. Meanwhile equality is also one of the leading ideals of political movements, such as equal rights movements for marriage, voting, etc. In order to answer the question: is justice the same as equality, it is necessary to understand the precise meaning of equality and justice, the relationship between the two, the measurement of the two, and their current and historical status.

What is justice? What is equality?
Find definition of justice & equality in Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero’s writings!

In Plato’s Ideal State, justice is essentially equality. Any factor that might cause a difference among human beings is eliminated in his Ideal State. When everyone is the same as others in all respects, justice is equality.

However, Plato’s philosophy is very unpractical, given that each person has his or her unique combination of qualities and abilities.

Equality presumes a certain level of difference between the things being compared. Two things or two people have to be comparable in certain aspects as well as different in others, in order to be called “equal”. Equality implies similarity, not sameness. To say two people are equal is not to say they are completely
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