Equality And Respecting Equality

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M1): Analyze the importance to public services of good citizens respecting equality and supporting them by respecting the key concepts associated with diversity.

The possible issues related to equality and diversity
Stereotypes and discrimination against people with particular characteristics or abilities could create a separation and mistrust between services and society or particular community. There have been examples with police force in UK when police services were accused of being institutionally racist to people from ethnic minorities throughout modern era.

Public service have an important role of supporting different type of people that have their own beliefs and their own way of live their life for example Ethnic groups.

Some ethnic group have a hard time to integrate to the society because of the language, this difficult for the public service like police to communicate who doesn’t speak the language and it’s even harder if they feel like they get shunned by society because they don’t speak the language, they look different and the culture shock as not use to this compare to where they came from. Sometime for ethnic group not able to integrate to their background can have bad effect on how they live one example is be vulnerable by the society from racism and discrimination. The results of this make it 10 times harder for the police to have the trust from ethnic group as they might feel it better to stay in their own group not integrate to culture.

How would
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