Equality Between Men And Women

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Equality between men and women, it is to point to men and women in marriage and family relations, enjoy the same rights, the burden equal obligations of equality between men and women has been for want of life, beautiful imagination of attitude to life, it turns out, however, from the ancient to the nearly, the phenomenon of inequality between men and women are always exist and never stable, as is known to all, women oppressed and gender inequality is a common phenomenon existing in the class society, different social division of labor pattern determines the men 's and women 's status in the social production and the function is different, also formed a set of men tying the low, high, male female, male master female from the value of the female and male better judgment system. When social development to the socialism, the present situation of the gender inequality still exists, in the context of the socialist market economy, different ownership and social division of labor is still there, still is inequity important factors including gender inequality, and the traditional social ideology of gender inequality also plays an important role, social system is not perfect, also make the inequality between men and women face a certain system and the system obstacle. Mass culture psychological accumulation is a gender division of labor from the historical roots of the inequality of male and female, since human farewell matriarchal society, gradually formed the dominated by…
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