Equality Diversity Unit 1 NCF2

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NCFE LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATE IN EQUALITY & DIVERSITY Unit 1: Equality and diversity in society Learning Outcomes 1. Understand what equality is 1.1: Describe what is meant by ‘equality’ 1.2: Define the following terms: Stereotyping Prejudice Labelling Protected characteristics Equal opportunity Positive action Discrimination Discrimination by association 1.3: Describe examples of equal opportunity in society 1.4: Describe examples of inequality within society 2. Understand what diversity is 2.1: Describe what is meant by ‘diversity’ 2.2: Identify diversity that exists within society looking at: Interests Beliefs Age Lifestyles Personal characteristics Cultural identities 2.3: Describe the contribution these variations make to the overall…show more content…
Understand how the rights of individuals are protected in the workplace 3.1: Describe the rights individuals have under current legislation 3.2: Describe the responsibilities for equality and diversity in the workplace of: Employees Employers 3.3: Describe the difference between positive action and positive discrimination 3.4: Explain the importance of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed in the workplace 3.5: Describe the types of organisation that provide support and information about the rights of individuals in relation to equality and diversity 3.6: Describe the services that these organisations can offer to individuals UNIT 1 ACTIVITIES Activity 1.1: (1.1, 1.3): Produce a report which describes the meaning of Equal Opportunities. You should include Equal Opportunities in: Education Housing Healthcare Employment Equal opportunity means that all people will be treated equally or similarly and not

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