Equality : Equality And The Morality Of Equality

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Equality is a highly contested concept, though people rarely specify what they mean when they say equality. Since the eighteenth century, people have been regarded as naturally unequal i.e. it was believed that there existed a human hierarchy by nature. Equality signifies a relationship between people or things that are similar in some ways, but not in every respect. ‘Equality’ itself acknowledges that what is being compared is not identical. Equality is distinguishable from identity (a concept denoting two objects correspond in every away) and sameness (merely approximate correspondence). To say that all men and women are equal is not to say that they are identical. The moral arguments people employ in favor of equality suggests that…show more content…
We would not employ only Spanish-speaking translators solely because it is a language a lot of people speak. Spanish-speaking translators would not be useful to those who speak Arabic or Mandarin Chinese. This is called privilege. Privilege is making decisions and drafting policy that benefits enough or a majority of people. Another relevant example is the pay gap and lack of equal job opportunities among men and women. Our wanting fairness among men and women in the workplace is not us asking for men and women to become one and the same and do away with genders. It means that we want access to the same opportunities despite the apparent differences. The hardest part about checking privilege is being cognizant of our own. When the system works in our favor we see no problem. The system isn’t flawed when it doesn’t treat everyone fairly per se. It is flawed when it doesn’t meet everyone’s needs. However, it would be a mistake to assume that I am an advocate for inequality as that couldn’t be further from the truth. But, there are at least two instances in which unequal treatment is justified and equitable treatment is preferable; in situations of need and under conditions of merit. You wouldn’t treat a broken bone the same way you would a cough. You also should not expect a student with special needs to perform under the same conditions and meet the same benchmarks without necessary accommodation, as students without
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