Equality In Langston Hughes And The Civil Rights Movement

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A writer once wrote “Langston Hughes set a tone, a standard of brotherhood and friendship and cooperation for all of us to follow. You never got from him, ‘I am the Negro writer, but only 'I am a Negro writer.’He never stopped thinking about the rest of us.” (Poem Hunter Staff 6) Civil Rights movements have seen many forms like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, or Rosa Parks. Though these people expressed the need for civil rights in a public manner. In every movement there are always people who express their need for civil rights in a more poetic manner. These writers and poets who write of justice and racial equality serve as a martyr for the movement. The poems filled with a call for equality inspires the populace to rise up and take action and demand for justice no matter the cost. Langston Hughes revolutionized African American poetry through his works on a vision of freedom, the description of the time period he lived in, and the stories of personal experiences around the world.
Langston Hughes was born in the year of 1902 in Joplin, Missouri to a mother and a father, who later divorced and left. Langston Hughes's mother spent most of her time looking for employment and left young Langston to be raised by his maternal grandmother, Mary Langston, in Lawrence, Kansas. Mary Langston, being a former activist for the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society, passed down her experiences to Langston that gave him a sense of racial pride. This pride would later inspire him to write and
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