Equality In Society

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In the United State of America there is a common belief that everybody has life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness available to them. I disagree with this ideology. There is a group in this nation that are discriminated against and not given the proper opportunity to pursue happiness. A right that Thomas Jefferson himself desired for every living member of this nation. However, I believe there is a group in the United States that recieves an unfair disadvantage in life. I believe those who are coming from poor families are not given a real opportunity to pursue happiness. The economically unfortunate are forced into poor crumbling schools, many of which make it far more difficult to go to college and pull themselves out of the rut they…show more content…
The way he achieved the presidency was through illegitimate tactics. His father was rich and a former president. He pulled every string he was able to put George W. Bush into power. If a common man wanted to run for president he wouldn’t have a chance. However, when the rich elite, and even the former president are propping up a candidate and shutting out all competition using dirty underhanded tactics, the presidency is easily attainable. In the 2016 election between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump, both people who were rich and already well known. If my point has not already been made then I shall put it bluntly. If you are not rich, you can not in any circumstance gain power or gain control. The example of the presidency is obviously extreme, however it also makes the best example, because that is the one position where the entire country weighs in. Despite that, people who stand for the common man, or the poor downtrodden citizen cannot win. Look at Bernie Sanders, he fought tooth and nail for the democratic nomination. He still was unable to win due to the fact he would rather do what the people want. Rather than take billions from the rich in exchange for political favor. In the end the people much preferred him and yet he still couldn’t even come close to beat Hillary. a candidate who cared far more about the rich billionaires, as her policy positions showed. In the end there is no denying that the poor are treated horribly and can’t
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