Equality: Racial Inequality In The United States

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Since 1619 in Jamestown Virginia in America the land of the “free” African Americans imported from Africa began to experience racial oppression. This continues to happen all over America and in other parts of the world although it is crazy to think that things like this have reached the education systems, the annual income, and rights. I believe that a law fighting against racial inequality should be created. Take ten minutes of your day and look up just a couple of statistics on graduation rates in our country and you will probably be surprised. According to multiple sites the national graduation rates for African American males is at a measly 59 percent while graduation rates for White males is at a outstanding 80 percent. Some might say that it is the fault of the student when it comes to education but, I find this not to be true. Since the beginning of time caucasian males have been the race that has received the better education and throughout the the time these habits have continued. A Caucasian person is more likely to be provided with mentorship and in many situations are raised with the thought of receiving a top tier education implanted in their heads. It’s not only the African American Males…show more content…
Real life cases of this are being seen in the news for example the case in South Carolina. A african American male shot eight times in the back while running from a police officer. Walter Scott the victim of this tragedy was fleeing from the scene when the officer shot the gun with no thought while doing it. According to research done a black man is five times more likely to be pulled over for driving than a white man. Throughout time many cases of the this have been witnessed leading to the formation of certain rap groups such as NWA who mainly rapped about being oppressed by white cops. This is a perfect example of how time has not managed to change things in
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