Equality and Diversity Essay

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CU2943 Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Case Study Outline the knowledge, understanding and skills required to enable a whole systems approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. Please ensure you include all of the assessment criteria, some of which will have already have been covered by the worksheets. Your case study needs to reflect your actual work settings and you will need to upload examples of the systems and process within your workplace to promote equality and diversity. Examples must include some of the following: * Policies (only key points, not the whole policy) * Documentation used to record reported incidents of discrimination * Literature / brochures etc depicting inclusion Case Study I…show more content…
Employees in the healthcare setting will reflect this diversity around gender, race and ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, class and age. * HC-One believes that successful implementation of equality and diversity in all aspects of work ensures that colleagues, staff and students are valued, motivated and treated fairly. * HC-One have an equality and human rights legal framework covering employment practices and service delivery and we need to ensure we work within this and avoid discrimination. It is important that we consider how an individual’s social identity may impact on their experience whilst in employment. The ways in which discrimination works include stereotyping, making assumptions, patronising, humiliating and disrespecting people, taking some people less seriously. To ensure that we value diversity and consider the individual’s identity appropriately the following principles may be useful: * recognise that we need to treat all employees/colleagues/service user as individuals and respond to them, and their social identity, in an individual manner * understand that treating people fairly does not mean treating people in the same way – we need to recognise difference and respond appropriately * respect all employees/colleagues/service users regardless of their protected characteristic or social situation * try to increase our knowledge and understanding of aspects of social

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