Equality and Diversity

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In this assignment I will demonstrate my understanding of equality and diversity as a key approach to policy and practice within my setting. I will make reference to current legislation such as equal pay act, disability discrimination act, sex discrimination act and equality act. Other areas of discriminatory practice I will discuss are language and terminology, stereotyping and attitudes in relation to children and young people. I will explore anti discriminatory practice and diversity that is within the everyday role of the early years practitioners. I will also explore an area of my practice using my understanding of equality and diversity through an audit of provision to develop practice and outline any issues. The audit I will carry…show more content…
Judgments can also cause discrimination as people can make poor judgements of people and discriminate against their good qualities just because they are in a wheelchair or have ADHD doesn’t mean they can’t play the same games as the other children they just may need more support than the others. In early years setting we use policies and procedures to outline the government legislation, we do not simply publish the legislation because of the way they are presented and the terminology they are written in. The policies and procedures are designed around the legislation in a way that are easily understandable for the staff and parents/carers using the setting. We make sure that the policies and procedures are accessible for all parents/ carers and staff. It is no longer acceptable to base an education programme on the stereotype of emotional behaviour being feminine, artistic and marginalised and rationale behaviour as masculine, logical and mainstream (Yelland, N 1998). It is important to give all children equal opportunities and allow boys and girls access to all resources and activities whether that be the girls playing with the cars and the boys playing with the dolls or both genders playing outside on the slides and bikes, this is all available in the work setting. Stereotyping can be offensive and cause biased thinking and actions, the tasks set in education programmes could favour groups depending on their culture and previous education

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