Equality and Diversity

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Running Head: EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY 1 Equality and Diversity: A New Approach to Gender Equality Policy in the UK Gender Studies 30th April 2011 EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY 2 Abstract The United Kingdom is a country that claims to be intolerant towards gender discrimination and at ease with diversity of all kinds. It believes in the basic rights of its people as it supports equality and looks down upon prejudice. This paper focuses on the purpose of the Britain’s government Equality Bill policy now known as the Equality Act and examines the developments in the policy…show more content…
The Human Rights and Equality campaigners also gave the Bill their support. Geoffrey Bindman, visiting professor of law at University College, said: "I am glad that the opportunity has been taken to streamline the body's investigation procedures, eliminating some of the obstacles that the existing commissions have faced. I hope that further improvements to anti-discrimination law will result from the government's recently announced Discrimination Law Review." Hence, after becoming the Act of the Parliament, the advancements in the Act are critically followed and reported. The Equality and Human Rights Commission is required to report to the parliament on the progress Britain is making under this vision every three years – the triennial review. EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY 5 Equality and Diversity: A New Approach to Gender Equality Policy in the UK According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission First Triennial Review 2010 “The Equality Act 2010 complements and builds on the provisions of the Equality Act 2006, which itself strengthened several aspects of discrimination law and set out the roles and responsibilities of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.” The Equality Act 2010 basically brings all equality laws into one single place, therefore, making it easier for people to understand and conform and easier for the government to

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