Equality for African Americans After writing my newspaper article on the NAACP, I realized that

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Equality for African Americans After writing my newspaper article on the NAACP, I realized that the African American community needed a renewed sense of belonging, like all the other communities have in this day in age. This sense of being is better known as equality. Webster’s dictionary defines equality as having the same rights, social status and opportunities as others. The African American community has yet to reach a plateau were they are seen as equals. Equalities for African Americans are still a foreign subject, but hopefully will progress in the future. Other ethnicities are trapped in 1800’s, and can’t seem to envision African Americans as anything other than- low income, ignorant, materialistic individuals’ who only value…show more content…
African Americans had to fight segregation, discriminatory violence, and voting restrictions (Washington). It is difficult for African Americans to feel empowered when odds seem to be working against them (Henry). Since they were not given a chance of succeeding in lower level education, they don’t have the funds to reach the level they aspired to reach (Washington). Through the discrimination that has persisted in the past equality is needed for African Americans to finally feel as they have a purpose in America.
Equality has one main component that called social justice. Social justice is defined as the embodiment of the vision of a society that is equitable and in which all ‘members are physically and psychologically safe’ (Levy and Sidel 529). Members of the community are safe from others passing judgment on an individual without knowing them. Levy and Sidel go on to write, “It is not possible to address trauma and violence without also wrestling with poverty, racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and all other forms of stigma. Because of this, we cannot ignore deep seated inequalities as we seek answers to problems like violence and trauma. Rather, we must struggle with these problems clearly and honestly” (529). Through adversity we must persevere and demand respect for the African Americans. If we don’t demand change we will be trapped in an identical box as our ancestors.
Change is needed so African Americans can get
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