Equality for All: Legal Rights for Homosexuals

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This leaves many homosexuals out to dry. Why can’t they have the same rights as everyone else in this country? Some of the time many gay couples have a hard time adopting a child because they “didn’t fit the right criteria to be adoptees”. And granted some couples really don’t meet the specifications: income, living environment, etc, but others do and get rejected due to being gay. Homosexuals deserve the same legal rights as everyone else. Marriage is concluded as a rite of sanctity. Meaning, that it is one’s right religiously to get married. It is in our constitution that men and women have the right to marry, but is that right? Hasn’t our government made a statement saying that a division of church and state is necessary? Then that means our government can not operate with religious ideals in mind. Making the gay rights issue more of a social issue than governmental; however, a mass majority of the populace believe that gays do not deserve to be married. How can oneself, on a moral standard, allow themselves not to allow others to get married. Everyone deserves to have happiness in their lives. Is being gaying affecting oneself? Its much like the scenario of one seeing a couple kissing in the park. If it was a hetrosexual couple it was fine, but god forbid if it was a…
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