Equality for Homosexual Individuals

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Homosexuality is the romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. Homosexuality often time refers to a person’s sense of personal identity based on the, behaviors, expressing them, attractions, and membership in a community of other persons who share those common interests. Historically, in the Americas, indigenous peoples of the Americas prior to the colonization of Europeans who were centered on the figure of the Two-Spirit individual, were a common form of same-sex sexuality. The sexual life of these two-spirit individuals was with the ordinary tribe members, who were of the same sex. Over time, the way society has looked at same-sex relationships have varied from sinful, shameful abomination to societal acceptance. As a result of shame, homosexual persons are normally subjected to discrimination or prejudice. Society negatively stereotypes gay persons as romantically unstable, more promiscuous, and more likely to abuse children. Yet, there is no scientific basis to such drastic assertions. In the United States, the FBI reported that 20.4% of hate crimes reported to law enforcement in 2011 were based on the victim’s sexual orientation. 56.7% of these crimes were based on anti-male homosexuality, while 11.1% were based on anti-female homosexual basis, and 29.6% being based…
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