Equality for Men and Woman

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Men think that they have the dominating factor but I do not think that this is true. In reality women do because men wouldn't be here without us woman. It is not equal that men make more money for doing the same job. It doesn't matter if we are woman or not. It doesn't mean that we need to be paid differently, because we are all equal. We should all be treated as equal. Men do not work any harder than woman do. Men are no better than woman. It doesn't mean that men should receive a higher pay because they are thought to be more dominate. , and Men and woman are equal. It doesn't matter who is the dominated sex or not. We should all be treated equally.
It has been a very long time that woman have been fighting for equal rights. Woman have always felt that we should all be treated the same but I don’t think that men feel the same way. There has been a lot of research done on this that come to the conclusion that we aren’t treated the same, which this is extremely unfair. It has been found that there is a smaller gender wage gap where a large fraction of citizens have voted for equal pay. It is said that woman that are employed are less satisfied with life, this study was based outside the United States. Women earn less than men on the labor market. In the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland they have reported those women are more satisfied with our lives and our jobs than in other countries. In reality women have a higher job satisfaction than men do. There was
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