Equality in College Population

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Greetings Ms. Melissa Stauber,
I’ve consistently been engaged in the national fight against educational disparities in the collegiate student of color population. Not only in my formal education and career history, but also my personal life has been committed to exploring solutions to problems created within dynamics of multiculturalism, identity and social injustice. This is why I know the Multicultural Academic Advisor position is the perfect next professional step growing my career in student services and deepening my commitment of upholding my fraternal credo to uplift through enlightenment & education. My undergraduate education consisted of a combined media and cultural studies course history as an Afro-American Studies and Communication Arts major. This collective pair resulted in acquired cross-cultural relationship values and investments of personal identity sensitivity training including experiences with diverse people from different geographical, theological, and ideological backgrounds. Researching Afro-American Studies and Media Studies simultaneously required me to engage in scholastic discussion exploring the implications and effects race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age and appearance not only have on my personal worldview but also that of other people in my community. Courses and seminars such as the Student Intercultural Dialogues Course or Ethnic Fest Celebration, Multicultural Conference On Race & Ethnicity, Race & Gender In America or
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