Essay on Equality in Education

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Equality in Education

Many believe that the greatest source for a nations strength is to provide equal education for all of its students. However, are we as educators short-changing our female students? I believe the answer to this question is an undeniable, Yes! There are different ways and methods to change this problem in our society; hence we must first examine the source of the corruption.

The greatest resources for any country are the educated people that it produces. According to the census taken in the year 2001 in the United States, half of our countrys population is made of women. These strong souled beings have the power and cognitive ability to compete equally and fairly with their male counterparts in any area of
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Our girls are getting the message that boys are better capable of handling different tasks, and therefore, need to be trained by giving them more responsibilities. I bet that Madeline Alberight or Dr. Elizabeth Verba did not accept this philosophy in life. Such methods of thinking reduces a girls self esteem and decreases her chances of getting a higher education and fulfilling goals of becoming world leaders, scientists, inventors, educators or even good mothers.

Whether a person looks at achievement scores, curriculum design, or even the most basic of all, teacher and student interactions, it is clear that gender makes a tremendous difference in the nations public elementary and secondary schools. Our schools have a responsibility to prepare both boys and girls for full and active roles in the family, the community and the work force. Whether we look at these issues from a political, economical or social perspective, it is essential to remembers that girls are one half of our future. As educators, it is critical to move our daughters and sisters from the back of the classroom, to the center and front. We must give them the knowledge and courage to fly. To fly meaning, the self-esteem and encouragement and also the curriculum that does not reinforce the message: A womans place is in the kitchen. We must give our daughters the power to break racial and gender barriers and capability in educating ones self in a
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