Equalization of Local, County, and State Funding Systems

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Persuasive Essay: Equalization of Local, County, and State Funding Systems Siria Rivera Grand Canyon University: EDA 535 August 15, 2014 * * Students today face many challenges that we did not encounter in our adolescence. One of the biggest challenges they face is the need for them to evolve into capable civic members in a ever changing and far more complex world than the one we grew up in. Their futures and that of our communities depend on their education. Cutting things like smaller student to teacher ratios, full day kindergarten, and alternative programs for at risk high school students can only lead to 1st graders that are under prepared, overworked teachers, and lower high school graduate percentages for the state of…show more content…
With the achievement gap already so big between urban cities like Camden and other neighboring districts, it is crucial that parents have the resources they need to provide their children with a high quality early childhood education. Most of these students do not attend a preschool program and so they enter kindergarten lacking many basic social skills. It is much harder to teach these students the skills they need for 1st grade while following state standards when the teacher only has them for 3 hours a day. Shortening kindergarten will leave these students behind and struggling to catch up for many years. Realistically speaking, any worthy plan to close the current achievement gaps involves strong early childhood schooling. While New Jersey has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the nation, the city of Camden is well behind. Only about 53% of students actually graduate form Camden. That’s more than 30% behind that state average rate. The data says it all; the city cannot afford to lose tis alternative programs for at risk high school students. If equity is about fairness then all students deserves a fair shot at success. This means that students that face hardships unknown to many in other districts like daily exposure to violence and drugs, require additional resources to prevail. The plight of these students is real and they
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