Equiano 's Depiction Of His African Brethren And Their Place

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“Discuss Equiano 's depictions of his African brethren and their place/role in society on both sides of the Atlantic. For example: What is life and slavery like in Africa? In America? How is life different for slaves and free black men in America (is one better or worse according to Equiano)?” Samuel Jeffcoat AMH2010-16Spring 0W59 February 26, 2016 Life for Equiano was an emotional roller coaster. He was overwhelmed by turmoil and rejoice as he was separated and reunited with his family, anguish from constant voyages from master to master, satisfied regardless of his particular situation with regard to slavery, and most importantly determined to elucidate society as to what life as a slave was like. Equiano’s experience on African soil was filled with pleasantries and hardships while his experiences on American soil was Equiano’s opportunity for religion and education. Slave owners in Africa were far more accustomed to African ways of life in contrast to the slave owners in America, and although his voyage on the middle passage into European territories left him culture shocked and disgusted with European treatment of slaves, eventually he adjusted to European customs and way of life in America. To start, the African slave owners better understood the adversities and agony the African natives had to overcome as well as their ways of life, thus treating them respectfully while the middle passage left him feeling violated and mistreated. The slave owners in

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