Equiano 's Journey Of A Slave

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This true-life story about a slave who was kidnapped from Igbo village with his sister and taken to be a slave touches you in ways you never thought about. “Equiano’s Travel” takes place in an era in the eighteen hundreds where movements like imperialism and abolition were popular. This story makes you ponder, imagine, and realize how lucky you are to be free. Equiano who went by many names throughout his life, like Michael, Gustavus, Jacob, and Olaudah, showing you a glimpse of how unstable and crazy Equiano’s life was, was one of the lucky slaves who was able to buy his freedom ten years into his slave life. When it comes to Equiano thoughts and experiences through the ten-years he was a slave, he encountered different experiences, good and bad, and different thoughts, positive and negative. Because of Equiano’s two different experiences in Africa and the New World in regards to slavery his view is not as simple as a one sided condemnation. Equiano, one moment was free and the next was being kidnapped and taken into this world where he felt he did not belong. Slavery is something that now is thought about in hate and disgust, but was the “it thing” back in the 1800s. Equiano started his slave life in Africa, however the difference between his experiences throughout Africa and his experiences through the New World are completely different. Equiano was young when he was kidnapped, therefore he started his slave life has a young man who had years of slavery ahead of him.
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