Equiano 's Journey Through Cultural Assimilation

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Within the 17th century time period, the many slaves that were captured and forced to succumb to the enduring and arduous labor in plantations, often times integrated into European culture. However, Olaudah Equiano not only adopted European lifestyles, but fully embraced himself in this new found culture, essentially abandoning his values that he inherited from his African origin. Equiano’s newly found passion for the European religion allowed Equiano to become a different man, one who accomplished the almost impossible for a slave, freedom. His motivation, God, allowed himself to strive to accomplish more with his life, but at what cost? Consequently, at times it seemed as if religion blinded Equiano from seeking justice for his fellow slaves. Although an effort was implemented, Equiano still failed to convince the Queen of abolishing the slave trade. Ultimately, Equiano’s journey through cultural assimilation lead him to overpower and drown out his roots and at times showed his hypocrisy, when partaking in the commerce of the slave trade. Coming from a rich culture and background in a village full of dancers, poets, and musicians to then be captured and become the property of the white man, Equiano and his sister did not live a childhood that would lead to successful life or even much happiness. The majority of human beings would do everything to flee from such a situation that could not lead to a favorable outcome, Equiano is no different. It is only human nature to

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