Equiel's Aaron: A Narrative Fiction

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Aaron starts walking, I don't know if I could trust him, what if he leads me to a trap? He turns back and stares at me."Are you coming?",he says and starts walking again. I walk by his side in silence."We're here." , there's a lake. "I come here to think. It's my escape from the others." He stares at me. He sits on the ground, so I do the same. "What are you?" "I am part of the four branches of power, just like you." "What are you talking about, there's more people like us?" "They aren't exactly like us. We are all very different. You really don't know what we are, do you?" "I know what I am, I just don't know what you are. Back home I was never interested in finding out about any of this, I didn't want to have anything to do with it. The mark appeared on my wrist, after the storm was cast by the elders. So I had no choice." "So, you were chosen too. I'll tell you what I am. I'm a blaze. You are a bolt. If you were chosen by the spell, then you're the direct descendant of Ezequiel, the second eldest Immortal. The lightning rod on your wrist is a mark that proves you have the abilities of your branch. I have a flame which means that I am a blaze." "I still don't know why we couldn't have just talked about this over there." "I told you. It's not safe. I'm…show more content…
I ran downstairs and found my father on the floor. My mom just stood there and did nothing. I... I killed them. I wasn't able to save them." My voice cracks and I start crying. Aaron moves closer slowly, he puts an arm around me and brings me in for a hug. I would never let someone do that, but right now I need a shoulder to cry on. He's warm and welcoming. "It's ok. Just let it out." "Honestly, how can I be ok. I'm alone now..." His response angers me. How can he say it's ok! He's not going through my pain. "You won't be alone. I promise. I'll help you." I'm startled by his words. I look up at him wide
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