Equifax Breach And The Breaching Of The Democratic Party During The 2016 Presidential Election

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The issue of strong cybersecurity efforts in the United States has been especially topical in 2017, and on the rise over the last few years. The Equifax breach and the breaching of the Democratic Party during the 2016 Presidential Election are recent examples that are bringing up the conversation of cybersecurity and make citizens curious of whether or not the United States government has plans in place to deter these events from happening. People are already worried about the damages these attacks can cause with consequences such as stolen information or monetary loss of close to five billion dollars in 2017 alone ( Although there are already solid plans in place to raise cybersecurity efforts in the United …show more content…

These attacks can be extremely damaging to one’s intellectual properties (information, money, etc) as well as a concern for personal safety. The key to stopping or minimizing these attacks is to learn what these attacks are and how they are executed to really create an effective plan to stop unnecessary losses.
In order to understand the true problems with these plans in place, we must first discuss what these practices are. In early 2016, former President Obama created a Cybersecurity National Action Plan or CNAP, for short. The issue of cybersecurity is a very big one in the United States and President Obama knows and understands the true importance of this issue. The CNAP discusses some of the most important concerns over this topic and does the best it can to combat it with the best of its ability. This plan includes things such as establishing a commission on enhancing national cybersecurity using experts from outside the government, a proposal of a $3.1 billion dollar Information Technology Modernization Fund to help modernize and replace old information about this subject in the government, and invest close to $19 billion dollars for cybersecurity (The President’s National Cybersecurity Plan: What You Need to Know).
The reason there has been such a huge debate over cyber security in the United States as of late is due to the slew of recent large-scale attacks that have affected a large amount

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