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Equine and Office Space For the past few months I have indecisively wondered whether or not to work towards the career of my dreams or accept an offer in a completely unrelated field. I have always wanted to study horses and become an equine chiropractor. Recently, my mom has offered me a position in her law office as a title closing assistant. Even though the fields of work are entirely opposite, I have to choose which would best suit my career needs, and even lifestyle. I have been swayed to either side of the spectrum; convinced at times neither field was fitting my personality. I need to know soon which line of work I would be most satisfied in or is more interesting, even if the future is always going to be unforeseen. What I Know Equine veterinary was always my dream job so I have researched the line of work before. Annual average salary for equine chiropractic, the field I would like to specialize in, is $78,000. I’ve talked with my vet about schooling and his job and he said it wouldn’t be worth it because there are minimal jobs available and school debt is more than I can make. Discouraged, I thought that I should look into a different career, but was quickly re-encouraged by a neighbor. He said I should do whatever I want with my life and veterinary work will always be needed. I became more interested in chiropractic and found it was becoming more popular and very favorable for me to get a job. The animals I would work with would be well trained or at least

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