Equine Vet Med

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Equine Veterinary Medicine

Eight years is a long time to go to school to be an equine veterinarian, but it offers a lifetime of saving horses. True one has to go to a college or university for eight plus years to become an equine veterinarian, but it all pays off in the end. It does not pay in money, but knowing that one saves a horses life, or can make their life better. This is what Charlie Scoggin was trying to say when he said “In my opinion, a salary should not be the sole means for deciding upon a job. You have to look at the big picture.” (Charlie Scoggin Resident veterinarian Rood and Riddle equine hospital). Equine veterinary medicine is not just about making money, but helping horses heal, recover, and live a better
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She has had to overcome many obstacles, from paying for a $200,000 debt from veterinary school, to doing what needs to be done when she was assaulted. Raymond has only this to say about her obstacle. “It was a very difficult time, but strengthened my conviction to always follow your gut instinct when you believe something is right.” (Maria Raymond interview). This obstacle has helped her become a better vet and go with that gut instinct. So obstacles can come in any way, shape, or from, but they will always be there.

Another obstacle may be the earnings for this career, it may not always pay good money, but it is worth it. The average starting pay is around $40,130 annually. This all varies from person to person, and place to place. An example of this is that at Rood and Riddle Equine hospital in Kentucky has many people employed there, but most have different incomes. Like Charlie Scoggin who says that his entry wage, and current wage is a generous six figures, just as a resident. (Charlie Scoggin interview) Then there is Maria Raymond who is also a resident at Rood and Riddle, whose entry wage was about $30,000, and a year into residency was up to 60,000 dollars, and hopes that in a year it will be up to $100,000. Maria also says that one can earn up to $300,000 a year, or if one owns their own large business they may triple that. It all depends on location,

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