Equipment In Vietnam War

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In the vietnam war they used heavy duty equipment like tank.”M48 Patton medium tank, M551 Sheridan, Centurion main battle tank (Australia). The American used a few Sherman M4A3-M4A6 medium tanks in Vietnam (The M4 Sherman medium tank was the most common Allied tank used in World War II.) However, by the time the Korean War had ended, the Americans had, for the most part, replaced the Sherman with more modern tanks. The North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong were supplied with Soviet tanks: the T-34/85 medium tank, which was first used during World War II, the T-54 main battle tank and the PT-76 light amphibious tank. The Chinese supplied the North Vietnamese with the the Type 59 main battle tank (their version of the T-54), the Type 62 light…show more content…
Two PT-76s were destroyed by M48s. A third PT-76 exploded when it struck a mine”( also used trucks like”M-151 MUTT,M422A1 MIGHTY-MITE 1/4 TON TRUCK,M718 AMBULANCE,M-38A1 JEEP,UAZ-469,M-561 GAMA GOAT,M-35A1C DROPSIDE,M818 5 TON TROOP/CARGO TRUCK”( the vietnam war trucks and tanks where a very key roll in taking over land.In the war they had to find a way to take down planes so they made anti aircraft guns”Anti-aircraft guns and ammunition constituted the bulk of the early Chinese and Soviet air defense assistance, a mixture of heavy (85-130mm), medium (57mm) and light (23mm) artillery with associated search and fire-control radars. The heavy artillery would harass the incoming flights, and the medium and light artillery would concentrate on the lead aircraft as the American planes approached their target. Hundreds of men and women, even high school students, entered air defense training in what the Vietnamese and their allies feared was a race against time”(”Throughout the Army’s history, artillery, the “King of Battle,” has played an important, often decisive, role on the
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