Equity Within Education : The United States Is A Problem Of High School

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Equity in education throughout the United States is a problem majority of high schools have to deal with. With education, comes conflict in which only a few solutions can fix what the problem. School resources is one of the main problems when it comes to equity in education from the lack of teaching from the teachers, to the facilities where the students are taught in, or the safety for the students; in solution, the government can provide more funds to these schools, and have well-off school schools, donate money or resources.
Teachers who do not teach the material right or puts in effort to help the student, leads to the students not taking school seriously. It programs in their mind that they are not important and that if the teacher does not know how to teach the subject right, how are they supposed to understand it. Since high schoolers are the next generation to be running the economy and world, lack of knowledge from the teachers is a problem. It is not only the teachers that are lacking the resources to teach the knowledge they know, but where it is taught at too. The facilities where these students are taught are not updated to the best quality to where it can be either too hot or cold in the classroom; leading students tend to lose focus. Even with the facilities not being up to modern style, it tends to have the students become distracted because their surroundings, in which outdated classrooms can bore or provide less interest for students to learn or teachers to
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