Equity and Discrimination at Big Red Kangaroo Airlines

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Employment relations case study Equity and discrimination at Big Red Kangaroo Airlines 1. Introduction The modern day airline industry is a highly complex and dynamic industry, characterized by numerous elements. For instance, the airline industry is now, unlike its inception period, populated by privately owned companies, rather than state owned enterprises. Then, the airline sector is marked by high levels of financial resource consumption, employment concerns or pollution complaints. As a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the airline industry was faced with a decreasing demand, leading to numerous bankruptcies in the sector. Additionally, the demand for flight services further decreased during the current economic crisis, which has taken its tool on the purchase powers of the population (Investopedia, 2012). In such a setting, of increasing success within the airline industry are the low cost flights. Big Red Kangaroo Airlines (BRKA) has understood this need among the population and has developed its own line of low cost carriers, namely the Cheap and Cheerful Airlines (CCA). Big Red Kangaroo Airlines is an old, traditional and respected airline company in Australia, but recently it has been facing some employee relationship issues. This project seeks out to assess a situation occurred during the company's recent recruitment processes and to also propose suggestions on how the encountered issue can be avoided in the future. 2. Freya's situation

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