Equivalant Fractions with Unlike Denominators Essay

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In elementary math there are several concepts about fractions. One concept students in fourth grade will need to master is learning how to tell if fractions are equivalent with unlike denominators. There are a few prerequisite skills that are necessary in order for the students to understand this concept. The first thing students need to know is what fractions are. Fractions are a way of counting parts of a whole. Secondly, the students need to know how to identify parts of a fraction. The top number in a fraction is the numerator. The numerator is the number of parts in a whole (Eather). The bottom number in a fraction is the denominator. The denominator is the number of parts the whole is divided into (Eather). Lastly, the student will…show more content…
This will help the students in future math problems by understanding what an equivalent and nonequivalent fraction looks like. An activity to help students figure out if fractions are equivalent or not is to have the teacher give the student a page of fraction circles. The teach will have the first circle filled in with one part shaded and three parts unshaded. The other circles can be divided into 8,16, etc.. as long as they are different parts of a whole. The students need to figure out how many pieces it takes to make an equivalent fraction. Once they have shaded in the appropriate parts of a whole, they should have it checked by the teacher. Once it has been checked by the teacher the students need to write out the fractions with the appropriate numbers in the appropriate places in order to see what the fraction looks like. The students should be able to figure out what the fraction needs to be divided by in order to get the original fraction of 1/4. Students should start to see a pattern on how to come up with the equivalent fractions. Once students have mastered finding an equivalent fractions by using manipulative or visual aids first, the the student needs to learn how to just do the pencil and paper figures. Equivalent fractions have a pattern based on the counting of multiples. 1/4,2/8,3/12,4/16 are all equivalent fractions because you are multiplying the

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