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Wright p.1 Daniel Wright July 25 2007 Emergency Room Wait Times A woman walks into Los Angeles County hospital with a complaint of abdominal pain. After being checked in, hospital staff sees that she has recently been there three other times for the same complaint. She is seated in the waiting room. She vomits blood and collapses on the floor; her family urgently contacts staff informing them of her problem. They ignore the complaint. The family becomes so panicked they call 911 from a payphone near the entrance, only to find that they too ignore the complaint, telling them that there is nothing that they can do. A bystander in the waiting room sees the distress and the blood on the floor, he too calls 911, this time the emergency…show more content…
And finally, by increasing funding for doctors, the waiting time in emergency rooms would decrease significantly by enabling the hospital to staff more doctors during the busy hours of the day. It would allow the hospital to staff additional doctors at night as well. These steps have been taken in some hospitals with great success. Hospitals have begun to communicate the expected wait times to their patients, one hospital even goes so far as to post waiting room times on the internet in real time, as of July 20 2007 at 19:31 the wait in the 5 hospitals listed ranged between 0 – 2 hr 40 minutes with the average being about Wright p.4 40 minutes. In Iowa, some hospitals boast average wait times of less than 10 minutes and have a guarantee of wait times not to exceed 20 minutes, this only happens with increased funding for increased numbers of staff on duty and with the cooperation between administration and staff. Wright p.5 Works Cited: Conviction Paper by Dan Wright CJ Cassidy. "Emergency room wait times: how long is too long?" June 14, 2007 CNBC News. January 25, 2007. Charles Ornstein. "Los Angeles woman dies on emergency room floor." June 14, 2007 JEMs Magazine. Mountain States Health Alliance Web Site Press Ganey "Emergency Department Pulse Report; Perspectives on American Health Care". NHA Web site News Article.
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