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The Emergency Room (ER) at Northwest General (A) 1. What is your opinion of the level at which the data is being collected? What are some of the advantage and this advantage of collecting data at this level? * My opinion on the data at which the data is being collected would be very taskfull for the forecaster. The actual data should be presented and emphasize by shift in order to have an accurate forecast or the census of the number of patient and to determine the number of staff needed to meet the demand of the patients. * At this rate there were advantage and disadvantage on the way the data has been presented. One of its advantage would be the result of the forecast will be accurate or closest to the reality because the…show more content…
Analyse your data for patterns. Can you find any? * For the new set of data please refer to the next page. * After computing there were patterns in the data presented if computed either the same hour of the whole month, per day or per of the whole month. If you will look at the computation of the data in the per hour of the same day for the whole month, it is consistent to have more numbers of patients in the afternoon from 1pm to 3pm. This is maybe because of traffic accidents, and most of the people are already outside of their house and they are already prone to accidents. There were also high demands in the ER in the middle of the night from 10pm to 12 mn. In my opinion most of the patient at this hour is either due to drunkenness so they meet an accident or maybe because of the tiredness some of the drivers fall asleep for a moment while driving vehicles. If we also base our observation to the pattern of days, it is already observable that there were high demands for the ER from Friday till Sunday. Of course for workers and students, it is the best time to go out like parties, group gathering, family bonding and etc. most of the times and some unexpected events and accidents occur during those days. And lastly if we will observe the computed data in a weekly manner, it is hard to determine the pattern. It is difficult to identify the
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