Era Of Terror In Argentina

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The Era of Terror in Argentina It is estimate that 30,000 people disappeared when the military junta took over the government in 1970. During this period, the government systematically violated human rights with the excuse that they were protecting the country from the “enemy”. This bloody period during the Argentine history is still healing today. This kind of state terrosrism resulted of The trials against the perpetrators of this atrocities are still in process. Before the the military group took over the government in 1976, a few events lead to societies disconnect. In 1973 the argentine economy was not in good shape due to inflation and high petroleum prices. With Peron back in power, the argentine people had lots of optimism…show more content…
Many of the captured woman were pregnant. After giving birth in the prisoner centers, most women were killed and the military power kept the baby and gave it to a military family. It is estimated that 220 babies belonged to prisoner’s mothers. As a result, a group was created called “Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo”. This group peacefully walked around the Plaza de Mayo demanding to get back their kids and grandkids. They wanted to grab the international communities’ attention to get justice. This group is still a highly active group that is still looking for the disappeared children and grandchildren. The night of the Pencils was a series of kidnapping that took place on September 1976. They military regime abducted 10 students of the city of “La Plata” and took them to a torture center. Of the 10 students, 6 were never seen again. Emilce Moler was one of the survivor that shared her story to the world after being tortured for months. "They tortured us with profound sadism. I remember being naked. I was just a fragile small girl of about 1.5m and weighed about 47kg, and I was beaten senseless by what I judged was a huge man," says Emilce ( Argentina marks 'Night of the
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