Erased Faces By Graciela Limon

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Evelyn Garcia
Professor Amaro
Chicano Studies
29 September 2014
Erased Faces by Graciela Limon identifies three main characters in the novel; The stories of Adriana Mora, Juana Galvan, and Orlando Flores are narrated as we are taken through the lives of each character and how they surpassed their struggles and continue with their journeys; Each character surpassing struggles of their own. Adriana who suffered through out most her life, a photojournalist, comes across Juana whom expresses the need for her in being part of the movement in rising against the Mexican government, to capture the events in photos and journalism for the whole world to see. Juana, a strong, courageous, and independent woman who also went through much burden in her life comes to become a powerful leader in the Zapatista movement whom is praised by Orlando, the leader of the Lacandones. Though, Adriana and Juana become deal with their emotions in having a strong attraction towards each other, together they all ultimately move forward in the same journey. Even before the characters convoluted together, the themes of acceptance, race/ethnicity, equality, and isolation fixated around all three of them. It seems as though all characters at some point in their life went through a period where they felt completely isolated, as though nobody cared for them. Even though Erased Faces narrates the stories of multiple characters and the issues they faced, the character Juana exemplifies the theme of inequality,

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