Erasing Intolerance In America

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Modern America is advertised worldwide as a bastion of freedom and opportunity. In many ways, this is true. People from all walks of life find their place in America. However, there are also many instances in which America casts out people for reasons that can best be described as incredible. The country is hailed as a ‘melting pot’, yet the actions of its people suggest a deep intolerance for anything different. This intolerance is not something that can be easily corrected. In fact, the intolerance of people, in many cases, cannot be corrected. The issue of intolerance lies with individuals that perpetuate discrimination, but the solution does not. The only way to prevent the cancer of hate from spreading throughout the American body is to prevent it from growing in the first place: erasing intolerance in the younger generations, in preschoolers and kindergarteners, in order to provide a…show more content…
It is our responsibility to teach and show the future businessmen, legislators, educators, and layfolk of America to not only tolerate, but to genuinely understand and empathize with people of different race, religion, class, and sexuality.
The most obvious and visible issue in America is the issue of race. It has been a problem since the foundation of this nation, and though legally, great advances have been made in equality since the days when one man was allowed to own another, it is still a problem today. Barbara Perry, a Sociology professor and renowned author on the subject of hate crimes, states “It is a favorite myth that the United States is a fully integrated society – that it has welcomed and included all comers… Segregation in myriad forms continues to shape the everyday lived experiences of people of color in the United States. ” (Perry, 401) From a legal
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