Erasing the Gap between Video Game Consoles and Mobile Phones

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Imagine yourself to be a time traveler and go back to year 2000 when the world of mobile phones was dominated by our very own ‘Snake’ game, in which one used to feed a hungry snake dots, squares or other objects to grow their length, making sure it stealthily avoid eating its own self. But there existed this elite class who owned their very own PlayStation 2, and hence were given the title of ultimate gamers without any doubt. Zip to 2014 where we literally need to take out our umbrellas and protect ourselves from pouring game apps. With game categories ranging from action to puzzles, and target audience from a 3 year old to 80 years old, there is no end to the options. This is the era of Smartphones and everybody is a gamer or potential gamer now. Thanks to the ‘everything you require is in a 5 inch slim cuboid box’, the world has started questioning the worth of video game consoles now. Smartphones gaining popularity as Console In a recent report on ‘Consumer Spending on Games in 2013’ published by App Annie, a market intelligence firm, both iOS App Store and Google Play noted hike in app store game revenue as compared to handheld game consoles. Besides, Nintendo suffered from 30 percent drop in profits in Q3FY13 and operating loss of 1.58 billion yen (£8.78m). One of the reasons behind this growing interest is that games are much cheaper on smartphones as compared to those on console counterparts and are just a touch away. Besides, top end smartphones are

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