Erectile Dysfunction And Depression Essay

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Depression has for a long time not been considered to be an illness. This has resulted in it not being treated properly. With recent research in the medical field, it has been declared as an illness complete with symptoms, possible causes and also a treatment method. Depression can result into chronic illness that inhibits the ability of a person to lead a life that is normal. On its own it is something worrying but when it is coupled with erectile dysfunction in men, the situation gets complicated and is a very sensitive situation, that needs to be solved with the seriousness that it deserves.

According to research, there is a relationship between depression and erectile dysfunction. This means that men suffering from erectile dysfunction are more likely to suffer
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Theirs was more of igneous theories that were based on potential cures and also remedies. Their solutions can be considered as trying to solve a problem using much exaggerated solutions. For instance they took medicine from snake parts. Such a solution in most cases contains what can be referred to as symbol rather than being a medical remedy. This is because the Romans and Greeks believed that snakes had a power to rejuvenate themselves. They felt that this ability could be transferred to them and in the process solve erectile dysfunction in men if they consumed some parts of snakes as medicine.

They also consumed the genitalia of roosters and goats in the hope of treating erectile dysfunction. They believed that consuming such a delicacy is likely to rejuvenate men and bring back the excitement in their lives. They also consumed lizards especially a species of them called skinks that are usually very large. Consuming such a meal required Dutch courage which they found in consuming the meal using white wine so that the consumers were too drunk to know what they were really consuming. This meal was very nasty
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